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Podemos enviar todo tipo de muebles, efectos del hogar y personales empacados con el mas alto cuidado de la industria y garantizado su entrega.

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In The Dominican Republic large socio-political and economic events happened during the 1960s.  These changes transformed our behavior at every level of society; not only in Dominican territory, but abroad any where else lived one of ours, and improvement of our community needed to be  achieved.


New York is the place out of the Dominican Republic where change has been more noticeable and where Dominicans achieved rapid socio-economic progress. This economic acceleration generated demands of different types of services, many of them barely existed, few were companies that could offer them.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, there were fewer Shipping Companies to meet the high demand for this service, which was insufficient, messy and incompetent and lacking in professional ethics.

With this chaotic situation arises Dominican Shipping Co.  Wasn’t difficult to set up the firm in the United State an rather in a short time scale the peak becoming the number 1 Shipping company providing services to the Dominican Republic, for 4 decades Dominican Americans have being providing a safe, honest, timely service and above all professional, which has allowed us to do more shipments than all the other shipping companies together.

         There are four major factors that made Dominican                    Shipping different from other companies:


  • It is a business driven by the valeues and principles of the Rodríguez family, founded and directed for over 40 years by Mr. Francisco Rodríguez, (Don Paquito), his wife Ms. Carmen Rodríguez and their five children, which worked together with delivery and dynamism and care for the Dominican Diaspora..


  • It is not only a commercial company but a humanitarian institution. Continuously carrying all types of commuity contribution helping to deliver medical equipment, beds, wheelchairs, crutches, and other tools for those most in need in DR including food and clothing in natural emergencies events.


  • The new acquisitions and future has being pass onto a more advance and new visionary thinking to provided the shipping market with more creative, advance mode to move, relocate and settle in anywhere in the world.


  • The Dominican Shipping name is a demonstration of our patriotic pride and our feelings and the synergy of American Dream Complex being Dominicans Americans and now and American company serving the world needs.

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