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Dominicana Shipping, the oldest and best rated shipping and cargo service to the Dominican Republic, for the last 47 years Dominicana Shipping have provided services to thousand, relocating their personal belonging, cars and household goods.  


Under a new administration we are developing a new logistic for the next generation of client with a modern and creative capacity to order a pre-fabricated house have a second home for business or plan retirement in warm weather, beach, mountains, vacation retirement on their own house anywhere in the United State and abroad.


Dominicana Shipping have been the leading name for shipping and moving cargo from United State, to the Dominican Republic.  Our office is located in New York City.  We are the oldest shipping service from New York and the northern east coast to DR.

One of the most important strengths of the name is the 47 years of experience providing guaranty services to costumer with 100% assurance of delivery door to door, as well as a delicate management of a rigorous operation and compliance within the US and DR Custom requirements..

The long standing service reputation makes Dominicana Shipping the company, first to non in the consolidation export and is a brand to further future plans of expansion in the Caribbean markets and world global Services.


The international residential and commercial shipping service included consolidation of cargo, personal moving, relocation and industrial shipping, is combined with the unique door to door service to any location in the Dominican Republic.

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